What we do for you as an advertiser

Getting more for your money

Getting more
for your

Robust ad fraud

The AdHash Protocol eliminates both - simple and sophisticated ad fraud attack vectors. Our direct supply path, daily transaction validation, and cryptographically verified targeting channel budgets in the right direction.

Better ad

10x faster ad loading time considerably increases the chance of your ads being seen. A CPC pricing model further eliminates any risk of paying for non-viewable impressions.

No more double

Every ad and advertiser are assigned a universal and unique ad hash. This makes sure that your bids never compete against each other, artificially inflating your media cost.

Ad relevance in a privacy-centred world

Ad relevance in a privacy-centred world

Replacing inaccurate and costly third-party data with authenticated and consented publisher first-party data. Advertisers can now directly purchase publisher-defined audience segments.

Supplement audience segments with contextual targeting to further increase ad relevance. Beyond just looking at the textual relevance of webpages and URLs, advertisers can now also target specific highly-relevant webpages or groups of webpages.

Publisher-defined audience segments and innovation in contextual targeting allow our advertisers to deliver pertinent advertising messages in a regulatory compliant way.

The science in advertising

The science
in advertising

100% accurate

AdHash only uses computationally-verifiable data. Combined with our unique advertiser-to-user ad serving architecture and 10x faster ad loading time, discrepancies are no longer an issue. Daily payment verification reduces the risk of disputes.

Complete data

Data is your most valuable proprietary asset. This is why we think you should own it. Unlike existing ad platforms, AdHash allows you to fully control the collection and warehousing of your own data. It can never be used by competitors to target your audiences.


Real-time reports ranging from quick performance overviews to granular click-level data and performance breakdowns by publisher, ad size, location, device, and ten other parameters.

The art in advertising

The art in advertising

For an ad campaign to really click (pun intended), science needs a bit of art. The ad design and message can command over 70% of the ad performance. This is why we created the Ad Builder - a simple tool for creating beautiful ads.

Beyond the standard static ad formats, AdHash offers a portfolio of new visual hooks: the AdHash video bubble, expandable ads, carousel, high-impact wallpaper ads, and others. See ad library.

Immediate control at your fingertips

control at your

Three minutes
to launch

A simple UI and campaign setup process will get your campaign up and running in under three minutes. No more waiting time and uncertainty. Changes made to existing campaigns take instant effect.


A clever use of cryptography ensures that you only pay for clicks from users that truly match your targeting criteria. This protects against domain spoofing, geo-masking, and any form of mis-targeting.

Brand safety

We are proud of who we work with. This is why you can see all active participants in the AdHash Ecosystem at any given moment. Use the transparency and brand-safety tools to control and curate your advertising environment.

Bulgarian Public Ad Marketplace

This is where reputable brands and premium publishers can execute direct deals at scale. Discover inventory, send proposals, negotiate and manage deals from a single place.

Transparent pricing combined with Analytics data, ad placement demo, and information about environment and verticals make inventory discovery and decision-making quick and easy. All of this at a transparent 20% commission.