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Natural language processing engineer

Interested in helping us transform the advertising world for the better? This is a great opportunity for a passionate Natural language processing engineer to join our team and become deeply involved in the technology and processes behind the AdHash Protocol.

Why do we need your help? AdHash is transforming the way display advertising is used to monetise content online. We use zero cookies, identifiers, trackers, and no fingerprinting. Our targeting relies entirely on contextual data, preserving user privacy and putting an end to ad tech surveillance. In order to maintain our momentum in building industry-leading technologies, we want to focus on gathering deeper and more relevant contextual information from text, images, and videos.


  • Currently pursuing or completed a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Computational Linguistics or similar field.
  • Proven experience as an NLP Engineer or similar role.
  • Ability to write robust and testable code.
  • Experience with machine learning frameworks.
  • Exposure to NLP theory and common libraries like NLTK.
  • Detail-oriented and highly organised with good time management skills.
  • Positive attitude and readiness to tackle new and challenging projects.
  • Good written and oral English.
  • A desire to constantly improve as a professional and stay on top of the cutting edge technologies.


  • Find and implement the right NLP algorithms and tools.
  • Design and develop NLP applications according to requirements.
  • Train the developed model and run evaluation experiments.
  • Transform natural language data into useful features using NLP techniques to feed the classification algorithms.
  • Select the proper annotated datasets for supervised learning techniques
  • Work closely with the development and system administration teams to optimise the datasets they are gathering as training data.


  • Free lunch
  • Office in Switzerland and opportunities for travel
  • Multi Sport
  • Flexible working hours
  • Team building

About AdHash

We make transparency the default state of digital advertising. The AdHash Protocol cuts out the ad tech middlemen to bring efficiency, trust, and privacy. By doing so, we not only help independent publishers monetise much better the content they create, we also preserve users’ privacy and control over their browsing experience.