What we do for you as a publisher

Unlocking more revenue opportunities

more revenue

30x faster ad
loading time

AdHash ads load in under 120 ms. Why should you care? Sites that load faster earn up to 2x more, have 25% higher viewability, and 20% longer sessions.[1]

No more loss
to ad blockers

The AdHash distributed server architecture means that ad blockers cannot block ads. This allows publishers to recapture previously lost revenue.

High-impact ad

Unique ad formats that drive engagement and render perfectly on every site. We automate the implementation of high-impact ads to eliminate the potential for human errors and operational overhead.

Bulgarian Public Ad Marketplace

Bulgarian Public Ad Marketplace

Leverage the Public Ad Marketplace to attract more demand for your direct-sold inventory.

Announce pricing and inventory availability to all advertisers in the AdHash Ecosystem. Browse public deals announced by advertisers to discover new revenue opportunities.

Real-time data. Full visibility and control.

Real-time data.
Full visibility
and control.

Accurate real-
time data

Accurate real-time data ranging from quick performance overviews to granular click-level data and breakdown reports by advertiser, ad unit, location, device, and ten other parameters.

The end of all

For the first time, you can directly compare your daily records of clicks, earnings, and commission with those measured by your advertisers. No more end-of-month disputes and revenue loss from discrepancies.


A complete record of all active advertisers and ads in the AdHash Ecosystem, along with the ads served on your web properties in the last 60 minutes. Blacklisting an ad is instant and effective.

Ad fraud

Removing all third-party tracking and in-ad scripts considerably reduces any risk of malvertising. Fewer ad tech middlemen means fewer potential ad fraud attack vectors.

Targeting. Privacy. UX.

Advertising should complement the content, not hold it hostage. AdHash eliminates the heavy ad formats and tracking scripts, creating a lighter, faster, and more pleasant user experience.

Innovations in contextual targeting allow us to deliver ad relevance, while preserving user privacy. AdHash Hypercontextual Targeting allows advertisers to channel ad spend towards highly relevant pages or groups of pages.

Ad tech has for too long tried to understand people independent of their media choices, not through them. This has diverted value away from high-quality publications to less reputable sites and the data-selling platforms in the middle. We believe that a more privacy-focused contextual targeting can help rebuild the trust between publishers and their readers, and allow publishers to regain a position of strength.